eleonora zuin sotto l’ultima nuvola

Born in 1982 in Milan, Italy, I studied and graduated in English and German translation.

I started studying photography in 2004, attending a photography course where I learned to work in darkroom, develop and print films and studied composition.

Little by little I left the black and white and focused on colours: both in analogue (with 35mm slide films) and digital photography. Soon I realized to be attracted to landscape and to all the architectural, urban and suburban aspects of the contemporary world, considering them as a reflection of our most inner self.


In 2007 I graduated with a dissertation based on the translation from English into Italian of three different photography books, each one focused on an important personality of world photography : Lewis Carroll (portrait), Dorothea Lange (reportage) and Ansel Adams (landscape).


I understood there's a lot in common between my job as translator and my passion for photography: in both cases I act like a filter, looking at the world around me  to give back my own vision of it.




                                                                                                                                                                                              what?                              where?                              who?